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Adult Bouldering Lessons

1 Hour Induction

An introduction to bouldering- the induction session will introduce you to the basics of bouldering as well as key safety aspects


Beginners 1

This is for complete beginners and will be a more in depth introduction to bouldering.

The 4 week course will give you the key safety information required forbouldering and teach you the basics of bouldering


Beginners 2

Beginners 2 is a 3 week course for more confident climbers who may have some brief climbing/ boulderingexperience (or have previously attended an Induction or Beginners 1).



Improvers have had some experience climbing and are ready to move on from the basics.  They will already have a grasp of all of the basic aspects of bouldering.



For further information you can also contact the Active programmes team here.