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Adult Swimming Lessons


Places are now available to book on the next 6 week block of lessons which is running on the following dates;

  • Wednesday 26th February- Wednesday 1st April 2020
To book your place please click here
At Sport Sheffield we offer a range of adult swimming lessons delivered by our enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable swimming teachers who will help develop your swimming skills regardless of whether you are a beginner or want to improve your technique so read on to find out more! 

The lessons will take place at the following times:      


Beginners 1 : 7.15- 8.00 pm & 7.45- 8.30 pm £33


Beginners 2 : 6.15-6.45 pm & 7.15-7.45 pm £33


Improvers: 6.45-7.15 pm & 8- 8.30 pm £33


Swim for Fitness: 6.15- 7.15 p.m £42


Swim for Fitness sessions can be booked weekly at a cost of £10 for the 60 minute session (please note that the spaces to do this are restricted to 6 swimmers).

Beginners 1   

Adults may have never entered a swimming pool before, or may have lost all confidence. If the adult can move in the water, but with aid, it would be better to start in this class and then progress quickly.   

Sessions will include basic buoyancy and floating, introduction to strokes with aids, safe entries and exits into the pool.   

Beginners 2   

Adults may have moved from Beginners 1 after completing a previous block of lessons. If adults have had lessons before and feel comfortable getting into the pool again they can join this group.   

Sessions will include travel using all strokes unaided, building confidence in deeper water and progression onto full strokes (arms, legs and breathing).   


Adults will be able to travel 10-20 metres without stopping but may only be able to perform one stroke.   An understanding of all strokes is helpful.   
Swim For Fitness  

Adults are able to swim 2 x 33m lengths without needing to stop and can perform all strokes to a good ability.   

Sessions will include stroke technique and development, drills for all strokes, dives, turns, and distance swims.